Government Professional & Technical Services

Constrained Federal budgets, declining optempo, and in-sourcing are the primary demand trends influencing the USG services market. As a result, broad-based growth is challenged and finding safe harbors is the priority. As in the 1990s, some contractors will see growth as there will be a flight to quality providers among government customers. Identifying contractors with superior market positions in either due diligence or an acquisition screen for a growth strategy assessment has been a hallmark of CSP’s services for nearly 20 years. Advising on the on some of the largest Federal services transactions our team has developed a strong ability to separate commoditized players, who will be crowded out of the market, from true partners with the government providing indispensible support.

Recently, we have advised on several growth strategy and transaction advisory engagements, including support to:

  • SRA International, Inc.’s board of directors in its $1.9B sale to Providence Equity
  • URS in its $2.6B acquisition of Washington Group, Inc.
  • Wyle in its $235M acquisition of CAS, Inc. from ITT Defense