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Our transaction advisory role is centered around rigorous and insightful diligence of acquisition candidates.

Buy-Side Due Diligence


Sell-Side Due Diligence


Third Party Financing Sources

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For an Acquirer, Seller or Lender

For an acquirer, seller or lender, CSP’s commercial diligence assessment represents a critical element of the transaction process, supporting valuation and bid strategy, purchase price and contract negotiation, and acquisition financing. In a buy-side engagement, CSP assesses a target company’s capabilities, served markets, competitive and customer positioning, program and contract portfolio, and forecasted financial performance, to enable a prospective buyer to validate their investment thesis.

In a sell-side role, CSP’s vendor diligence process helps management to prepare for a competitive auction by analyzing market, competitive, and forecast assumptions through the lens of a prospective buyer, and provides qualified bidders with a detailed diligence assessment they can use to expedite and frame their own review of the candidate.

A Common Diligence Methodology
  • Served Market Dynamics
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Line of Business / Program Assessment
  • Customer Diligence
  • Forecast Financial Performance
  • ‘Buy and Build’ Roadmaps