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space and satellite communications m&a advisory
Space Launch & Satellite Services

The space launch and satellite services industry has a rich and complex global ecosystem of hardware manufacturers and service providers. The National Security Space sector is facing unprecedented challenges as space evolves from a sanctuary to a contested environment, while NASA’s renewal of human spaceflight initiatives brings a host of major program initiatives.  At the same time, the proliferation of ‘New Space’ providers of broadband communications, earth imaging and geospatial information systems, launch services, and related systems and services has dramatically increased both the opportunity and risk for prospective investors in the space sector.

Since its founding, CSP has specialized in the space launch and satellite services sectors – serving both the companies active in the market and the financial institutions that invest in them. CSP’s clients have included most of the world’s major manufacturers of space and ground segment hardware and software; satellite operators and service providers; and leading private equity investors.

space and satellite communications buy-side due diligence
In recent years, we have been engaged by numerous private equity sponsors, satellite operators, subsystem contractors, and launch services providers, including:
  • H.I.G. in its acquisition of AMPAC
  • Permira in its acquisition of Intelsat
  • The Carlyle Group in its acquisition of Panamsat
  • Comtech in its acquisition of TeleCommunication Solutions
  • Abry and Caprock in their acquisition of Arrowhead Global Solutions
  • Permira in its acquisition of Asia Broadcast Satellite