A Tailored Spectrum Of Client Support

CSP provides a broad range of advisory services to address the challenges facing our clients in the aerospace, defense, and government sectors.  All of our service offerings share a common objective:  to assist our corporate and private equity clients to allocate investment resources, by reducing the risk and increasing the certainty of the decisions we help them to make.

We will analyze the business units of an industry contractor to highlight risks to its forecast and develop concrete, actionable recommendations – both tactical and strategic – for consideration by the senior leadership team.  Well before an investment banker is engaged CSP will frame the strategic issues and transaction options for a board to consider – at a level of detail most bankers are not equipped to provide.   When we assess a transaction opportunity – for a corporate or private equity client – we do so with a degree of analytical rigor and domain knowledge that is unique to our industry.  Our role covers the spectrum from portfolio risk assessment, to transaction execution.