Strategic Advisory Services

CSP provides a broad range of strategic advisory support to corporate clients and private equity portfolio companies.  Our role may be to frame the program, mission, financial, competitive, or technology risks of a corporate portfolio; to provide post-closing synergy and integration support for a recently-acquired business; to develop a strategy that presents a new growth paradigm for a multi-divisional corporate client; or to assess acquisition candidates that increase shipset value on served platforms or provide access to attractive adjacent markets.

We will typically engage with the senior leadership of our client, educate their board of directors on our assessment, and often work with an investment bank to execute the resulting strategy.  For smaller and middle market corporate clients, we will often act in an outsourced strategy and corporate development role – assessing strategic and transaction opportunities with the domain knowledge and objectivity that may be lacking within the client’s own organization.

We enter each strategic advisory engagement with no predisposition for or against a transaction. For this reason – and because of the depth and detail of our analysis – we are frequently engaged well ahead of an investment bank, to help define and shape preferred options. Similarly, our 25-year transaction track record brings experience and credentials that traditional management consultants often lack. This full spectrum of advisory services positions CSP as a unique value-added resource for corporate and private equity clients seeking a knowledgeable and experienced strategic advisor.