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Three Decades Of Advisory Leadership

Judgment comes from the accretion of knowledge. Our four decades of advisory experience in the aerospace, defense, and government sectors have created a deep reservoir of industry and program knowledge that is invaluable in assessing potential acquisition candidates or presenting companies to prospective buyers – and when analyzing portfolio risk and growth strategy options for our corporate clients. CSP has grown from the premise that domain knowledge must be broad and deep in order to provide our clients with the insights and analytics they expect from us – and upon which their investment decisions are often based.

csp associates leadership aerospace transaction advisory

We combine exhaustive research with perspectives gained over four decades to provide our clients with the insights and analytics required to provide clear, unequivocal conclusions and actionable recommendations. Our professionals come equipped with the knowledge and experience to add value within the short timeframes demanded by a competitive auction process or an upcoming board meeting.  CSP’s clear industry focus, extensive track record, and rigorous analytical standards have helped to establish us as the leading firm for strategic and transaction advisory services in our core markets.