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Rigorous Analysis To Simplify Complex Problems

Our full spectrum of advisory capabilities enables corporate clients to assess risk in their current portfolio, construct responsive growth strategy options, target strategically accretive transaction opportunities, and execute the right acquisition – roles that no other single consulting firm or investment bank in our served markets is as well-equipped to perform. Our clients are experienced private equity investors and corporate decision makers who come to us for creative, highly analytical and fact-based analysis they can rely on to deploy significant amounts of capital. To meet their expectations, CSP has developed a range of capabilities and processes over the past four decades which are unique in our served markets.

CSP is the leading global provider of strategic and transaction advisory services to corporate clients, private equity sponsors, and institutional lenders active in the aerospace, defense, government services

We go beyond the usual market, competitive and program analysis to approach complex problems from an oblique angle, often proposing a new paradigm to a client that offers a solution not previously considered. By delving deeply into the myriad drivers that will shape a target company’s future performance, we are able to isolate and quantify risks, and provide our clients with the transparent, empirical, and highly specific forecast judgments which are the recognized hallmark of a CSP diligence product. This full spectrum of advisory capability – from situation analysis, to growth strategy development, to transaction execution – is what sets us apart.